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Calendar / Lunar Month

Festival and Location

Origin of festival

January 3rd weekend Umbrella Festival - Bo Sang village Cultural
January 4 days on weekend nearest the end of the month Wood Carving Fair - Ban Tawai, Hang Dong Cultural
February 1st Weekend Flower Festival - Chiang Mai Cultural
February 1st or 2nd weekend Tin Chok Festival - Mae Chaem Cultural: Celebrates local weaving traditions.
February Full moon of 3rd lunar month Makha Bucha - All temples Buddhist: Celebrates a famous sermon given by Buddha
March 30th-April 9th Chiang Mai Arts & Culture Festival - Chiang Mai and surrounding area Events which include the Shan ordination at Wat Pa Pao, focus on Lanna culture.
April 13th-15th Songkran - All over Thailand, especially the north. Ancient Tai-Indic: Traditional New Year.
May full moon of 6th lunar month Visakha Bucha - At temples all over Thailand. Buddhist: Celebrates birth, enlightenment & death of Buddha.
May-June From 12th day of waning moon of sixth lunar month for 6 days Inthakhin - Wat Chedi Luang: Especially in the evening when crowds make offerings at the city pillar. Ancient Tai-Indic: Pay respects to the city pillar, bring rain & encourage prosperity.


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