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Calendar / Lunar Month

Festival and Location

Origin of festival

May-June 6th-7th lunar months Rocket Festivals - Wat Pa Tung, Wat Phra Non (and several other temples). Traditional: Bring rain.
June 4th day of waxing moon of 7th lunar month. Seup Jata Muang - Offerings made to guardian spirits at the cardinal points of City (Gates, city pillar, etc.). Ancient Tai-Indic: Prolong life of city.
June 14th day of waxing moon of 7th lunar month Lieng Pu Sae-Ya Sae - Foot of Doi Suthep. Medium is possessed by guardian spirit. Animist: Propitiate guardian spirits Pu sae & Ya Sae who live on Doi Suthep.
July Full moon and 1st day of waning moon of 8th lunar month Asalaha Bucha-Wan Khao Pansa - All temples Buddhist: Marks the first sermon given by the Buddha & the beginning of the rains retreat.
August From full moon of 10th lunar month till end of September Salakaphat - All temples, esp. Wat Chiang Man, Wat Chedi Luang & Wat Suan Dok.

Buddhist: Lay merit making. Alms are put in baskes and given to monks by lottery.

October 1st day of waning moon of 11th lunar month

Ok Pansa - All temples

Tak Bat Devorohana - Hill temples, esp. Wat Fai Hin by Chiang Mai University. Monks walk down and recieve alms (6am).

Buddhist: End of rains retreat.

Buddhist: Celebrates return of Buddha to earth from heaven where he had been teaching his mother.


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