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Calendar / Lunar Month

Festival and Location

Origin of festival

October Till the full moon of the 12th lunar month Kathin - All temples. Thais travel in groups to distant temples. Buddhist: Lay merit making. Offerings of robes and alms.
November For three days over the full moon of the 12th lunar month Loi Krathong (Yi Peng) - On waterways all over Thailand. Ancient Tai-Indic: Give thanks for water and stop the rains.
December Weekend nearest 5th Rose Festival - Suan Buak Hat/Thaphae Gate. Cultural: Beautiful flower displays honour H.M. King's birthday.
December 1st-8th in Lamphun; Dec 30th-Jan 8th in Chiang Mai Winter Fairs - Lamphun; esp. sports stadium beauty contests. Chiang Mai; H121 near the Provincial Hall (Sala Klang). Cultural: A noisy mix of fun fair, freak shows, and commercial promotions.
December In the middle of the month Food Festival - Talat Choeng Doi. Cultural
December 25th-31st Christmas & New Year

Traditional (imported)


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