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Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is one of those activities that ought to be top of your list, and it’s a great way to soothe the aches and pains and relieve the stress of a busy day exploring Chiang Mai.

Thai Massage
250 THB for one hour session, 400 THB for full two hours session Which involves vigorously treating more than 100 areas of the body, using hand pressure and the masseuse’s own body to apply forces that aim to work pressure points, and re-align energy lines in the body. Ideally, this process takes at least two hours and can be a little uncomfortable at times, but leaves you feeling
very relaxed.

Foot Massage
300 THB/Hour
Works the internal organs of the body through manipulation of pressure points on the soles of your feet in much the same way as reflexology. This is another skill that has been passed down through the ages and can be quite effective in producing a mild detox effect on the body.

Opening Hours: 7.00 AM - 9.00 PM Daily

* appointment can be made at the reception

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